150 Sea Turtles Released on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2010

On Sunday, October 3, 150 sea turtles were released on the Pescadero Beach about 300 yards South of Pescadero Palace, infront of Rancho Pescadero.  The worker in charge, Griselda, dug them up from their nests, and took them to the sea shore, where onlookers lined up and were able to assist in the release.  There are still over 10,000 eggs buried and, according to Griselda, there will be daily sea turtle releases at 5pm until all 10,000 eggs are hatched.

Here is the government worker, Griselda, explaining how the sea turtle eggs are buried for 45 days, and when hatched, the babies are released into the ocean. turtle-release1
Here is Griselda reaching in to the sea turtle nest to remove the babies.  turtle-release2
Here are the babies in the nest, before being removed.  turtle-release3
Here is one baby turtle being released, and running to the sound of the ocean.  turtle-release4
The onlookers can assist in the release, and here are all the baby turtles headed towards the ocean.  turtle-release5
Griselda called this species of sea turtles gulfinas, which are about half the size of the big Leatherback sea turtles seen while flying.Photos courtesy or Robert Quirk/Pescadero Palace


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