Another Week in Paradise! (Dec. 11-18, 2009)

Tommy Lee, legendary drummer and founder of the rock band Motley Crew, came to Baja for a little fun in the sun.  He spent the day on the beach at the Los Cerritos Beach Club on Thursday, December 17, with his female companion and son from Pamela Anderson, Brandon.  The entire group took sky tours on the ultralight, seeing several pods of whales and some spectacular coastline.

Tommy Lee and son at Los Cerritos Beach club, waiting for a sky tour on the ultralight. tommy-lee1
tommy-lee2 Just before take off!
Tommy Lee and his family went on sky rides with local surfer and pilot Robert Quirk at the Los Cerritos Beach Club. tommy-lee3
tommy-lee4 The female companion and son of Tommy Lee also went for sky rides.
Tommy Lee and family negotiating with beach vendors at the Los Cerritos Beach Club. tommy-lee5
tommy-lee6 This week had good surf, which can be viewed at: by Howard
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