Northwing Navajo Ultralight Trike w/100 HP Rotax 912uls
For Sale anywhere in U.S. or Mexico

New Northwing Navajo 912uls 2-seat Trainer with dual controls, dependable and strong Rotax 912uls 100hp engine, Mustang 3 17m2 strutted wing, ballistic parachute, 21X8 balloon tires, nickel edge warp drive prop, ultra quiet dual mufflers from Germany, adjustable front seat, instruction bars, strobe lights, engine and trike covers, and much more.  Only .4 hours (as of 1-20-14), EIS digital gauge, 16 gallon fuel tank, assist struts, Matco disc brakes, saddle bags.  N-number in the USA, and imported into Mexico.  Trike has only 1 owner, the NorthWing distributor in Baja, Mexico.  Training available year round at the Pescadero Palace in Baja California, which can be viewed

10% under manufacturer suggested retail cost

  • Price as of January 20, 2014 (.4 hours on trike)…….$52,174  usd
  • Price reduced as of June 17, 2014 (only 53.5 hours on trike)…….$48,000. usd
  • Price reduced as of January 30, 2015 (67.7 hours on trike)………$41,500. usd
  • Price reduced as of January 11, 2017 (158.5 hours on trike)……..$32,500. usd
This beautiful ultralight trike has all terrain balloon tires (21X8) for landing on all types of surfaces.  Trike has only been flown by a Basic Flight Instructor. ultralight-for-sale1
 ultralight-for-sale2 Ballistic parachute offers affordable insurance in an emergency situation.
The 912uls 100 HP engine is strong and reliable.  The warp drive prop has nickel edged blades.  ultralight-for-sale3
ultralight-for-sale4 There is a digital EIS information system that shows the temperatures (exhaust gas and cylinder head), vertical speed, air speed, RPM’s, timer, total hours, oil temperature, oil pressure, and altitude.  Engine has .4 hours as of 1-20-14.
This is a strutted wing (no king post) and folds back easily for storage or transport ultralight-for-sale5
 ultralight-for-sale6 This bird is ready to fly…..almost anywhere!


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