There is ultralight sky rides available for sky tours and aerial photos.  Pods of gray and humpback whales can be spotted between October-April.


(L-R) Cheyne Magnusson, Justin Quirk, Jimmy Jordon

The fishing is really great most of the year.  Here are several of the local boys showing off their catch of the day.  Fresh parrot fish, pargo (red snapper), and lobster can be caught nearby.  Jimmy Jordon (on the far right), is the owner of Cabo Extreme and does snorkeling, fishing, and diving tours.  His local cell phone number is (612) 142-5511, and his business is located within walking distance behind the Villa.

There is good surfing most of the year.  Here is the owner of the Villa, Justin Quirk, on the cover of Surfer Magazine.  This shot was taken about 5 minutes from the Villa. activities3

Here’s Dad, directly in front of the Villa, on a small swell from the North.

One of the largest waves ever photographed at Los Cerritos beach on Dec. 23, 2005, triple overhead at the point, with only the owner in the water. The day before was 6-7 feet bigger.

For a more recent view of the local waves and surfing, check out our   5-minute surf video recorded on Dec. 11, 2009.

Fun Surfing Video in Pescadero, Mexico


White Sand Hotel, Massage, & Day Spa in Todos Santos has the best massage and Day Spa in town.  They are also offer many other services, including their Signature 35-step steam vapor/high frequency laser facial.

Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee and Robert Quirk are getting ready to fly an ultralight sky ride.  Tommy likes to fly high!  See more photos at Tommy Lee Sky Ride


(L-R) Rudy Coiny, Adam Sandler, Jimmy Jordan, Robert Quirk

This was the original activities center at Los Cerritos Beach, when owned by Jimmy Jordan.  The beach business has since grown, and includes several restaurants and bars, surf shacks, and board rental shops.

White Sand, Hotel, Massage and Day Spa is now open 6 days a week from 10am-6pm. Best massage and day spa in Todos Santos. Located on the main stop light street at 115 H.C. Militar in downtown Todos Santos Centro.  Drop-in or call (612) 145-0571 for appointment. More info and photos visit the website at


For reservations or information

  • contact Robert Quirk
  • Cell: 011 52 1 (612) 141-7026
  • U.S. Tel: (760) 494-1113 (message)
  • Email:


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